Q:  How long does it take to manufacture the products?

A:  3 working days for less than 10 units as each unit it handmade to order.  5-7 days for 10-20 units, and 2 weeks for large quantities.

Q: Do you Ship to the UAE ?

A:  Yes we do. We ship to all GCC (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, and Qatar)

Q: Are your products certified and safe to use? 

A: Yes, they are certified and safe while complying with all UK standards. We are using components from UK factories that have been in the business for the past 100 years and of top-quality raw materials. 

Q: Can I use my own shipping company or my company UPS account?

A: Yes, you can use your own shipping means but you will be responsible for tracking and insurance. We will guide you on the procedures.

Q: We are in Hong Kong. Do you ship to HK and do you have the full range of USB, TV, HDMI, Blank, and 45Amp?

A:  Yes we do Ship to Hong Kong and we have the USB , TV , HDMI, Blank and 45Amp in Stock. You will find them under ‘Others’ on our website.

Q: We have existing 3” x 3” and 3” x 6” boxes. Would your switches and sockets fit without any alterations?

A:  Yes it will fit without any hassle. Our products are designed considering all the existing standard boxes that are used in UK and other British standard countries.

Q: Do you have other colors for the frame and can you customize the color if we order more than 200 units ?

A: We currently only stock Black and White frames but yes if the quantity is more than 200 units we can customize the color for you based on RAL colors at an extra cost.

Q: Where do you manufacture your products and are they certified?

A:  All the electrical components are made in England by Wandsworth. The non-electrical parts are manufactured in Bahrain using the finest raw material from Spain, Italy and Germany. Most of the machinery used are Micro accurate from Switzerland, USA, JAPAN and South Korea. Yes, they are certified.

Q: How do I know my products are Shipped?

A: You will receive a tracking link by email once the items are dispatched by the courier.

Q: What are the materials used for the face plates on your website?

A: We use Spanish porcelain, Laminates, Metals such as 316L stainless steel , copper, brass and real wood. 

Q: Do you Ship to the UK?

A: Our main market is UK and yes we ship to the UK.

Q: I loved the finishing and the materials used in your products. I have ordered the tile finish face plates. Can I order extra face plates just incase for the future?

A: Thank you very much and we are glad that you liked the finishing of the products, a lot of effort goes into each individual switch. Yes, of course you can order extra face plates. You need to contact us by email (support@lasitches.com) and request the extra materials.

Q: I have existing ugly plastic switches and sockets. Can I change mine with yours and do they fit? They are from a reputable British Company.

A: Yes, you can change your existing switches and sockets with LA Switches as long as they are British Standard.

Q: My horrible contractor fixed all the boxes in the concrete with different depths. And I find it difficult to fix the standard ones since the screw that comes with them are short.

A: No problem at all. That is general in certain countries, and we always send 2 types of screws in the box with each item, so you can find the perfect fit.

Q: Can I paint your frames ?

A: We use very high quality AkzoNobel powder coating that are specially made for perfect finishing and to last long. Its almost hard to scratch and very difficult to remove. We DO NOT recommend painting the fixtures since the thickness is calculated with micron and it will affect the fixation of the face plate in the future

Q: We have a large project and we were wondering if you have local Agents in the UAE ? We need full support from a local distributor.

A: Our products are fully customized and to maintain the quality and service we offer, we only take orders through the main office. We can support you and your project no matter the size and have a strong sales team that can travel to you and support you. We will have distributors representing LA switches in each country very soon.

Q: I’m an interior designer and I was wondering if we get trade discounts?

A: Yes, you can get trade discounts. Simply get in touch with our sales team to fill out the relevant forms to grant the discounts.

Q: My name is Stacy and I was wondering if I can change my own switches and sockets and if your products are user friendly?

A: Hi Stacy, even though our products come with step by step videos and installation manuals we highly recommend that you hire a certified electrician to change the switches for you as electrical components and direct voltage power can be fatal.

Q: Can I install your switches vertically rather than Horizontally since I need the wall for a painting ?

A: Yes you can install them vertically if the boxes are installed that way and we recommend that you use the single frames, not the double. Also you’ll need to check if the regulations in your country permits that. 

Q: We are an interior design company and we were wondering if we can send you our own wall paper for you to make the face plates?

A: Yes we can. What makes LA Switches unique is the ability to customize each product to match your needs and design at no extra cost. We will happily customize the product with your materials, however the warranty will not cover any damages or dirt buildup.

Q: Are customs charges included in the shipping?

A: Each country has it’s own customs regulations and rates, for this reason customers are expected to cover the customs charges upon the arrival of the products in their country.

Q: What is the warranty included in the products?

A: All LA Switches and Sockets come with a 5 year warranty. The details of coverages can be found in the terms & conditions section of our website.

Q: I am based in Bahrain, do you do the installation and is there a charge?

A: Yes, we can arrange our expert team to install the switches and sockets at an extra cost which will be calculated based on quantity.